Dynamic Medical Communications

  • Strategic Planning and Support
  • Publications Planning and Execution
  • External Expert Engagement
  • Scientific Event Management
  • Medical Education and Marketing Support
  • Internal Communications and Training
  • Creative Design
  • Digital
  • Clinical Trial Support
  • Value Communications
  • Continuing Medical Education
  • Patient Engagement


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We draw upon more than 30 years of Nucleus Global heritage in delivering relevant, accurate, and engaging medical communications.


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Meet The Team

  • Kelly Reiser
    Kelly Reiser
    Senior Vice President
  • Jennie Wolstenholme
    Jennie Wolstenholme
    Director of Client Services
  • Neil Peter Jackson
    Neil Peter Jackson, PhD
    Associate Client Services Director
  • Jeremy Altman
    Jeremy Altman
    Client Services Director
  • Joe Mole
    Joe Mole
    Managing Director
  • Rebecca Garruto
    Rebecca Garruto
    Associate Client Services Director
  • Lois Hawkins
    Lois Hawkins, PhD
    Senior Account Executive
  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson, PhD
    Editorial Team Leader
  • Eleanor LeFeuvre
    Eleanor LeFeuvre, PhD
    Senior Medical Writer
  • Melanie Vishnu
    Melanie Vishnu, PhD
    Scientific Director
  • Rachelle Mudrinich
    Rachelle Mudrinich
    VP, Marketing and Commercial Services
  • Ailsa Bennett
    Ailsa Bennett, PhD
    Medical Writer
  • Anna Woroniuk
    Anna Woroniuk, PhD
    Medical Writer
  • Deborah Lomax
    Deborah Lomax, PhD
    Editorial Assistant
  • Siobhan Ahern
    Siobhán Ahern, PhD
    Senior Account Executive
  • Victoria Kinsley
    Victoria Kinsley, PhD
    Medical Communications Trainee
  • Aidee Ayala
    Aidee Ayala, PhD
    Scientific Director
  • Dennis Kim
    Dennis Kim, PhD
    Scientific Director
  • Brad Imwalle
    Brad Imwalle, PhD
    Senior Scientific Director
  • Les Castro
    Les Castro, PhD
    Senior Scientific Director
  • Kim Altland
    Kim Altland
    Client Services Director
  • Julie Cha
    Julie Cha
    Account Director
  • Karl Zawadzki
    Karl Zawadzki, PhD
    Scientific Director
  • Heather Waxler
    Heather Waxler
    Account Director
  • Lauren Giordano
    Lauren Giordano
    Account Director
  • Jackie Stone
    Jackie Stone, PhD
    Senior Medical Writer
  • Emily Weikum
    Emily Weikum, PhD
    Senior Medical Writer
  • Ashley Daset
    Ashley Daset
    Account Manager
  • Wes Szafran
    Wes Szafran
    Senior Account Executive
  • Karolina Hinz
    Karolina Hinz
    Senior Account Executive
  • Linda Beach
    Linda Beach, PhD
    Medical Writer II
  • Jenny Hsu
    Jenny Hsu, PhD
    Medical Writer I
  • Jamie King
    Jamie King, PhD
    Medical Writer
  • Emma Zang-Schwartz
    Emma Zang-Schwartz
    Account Executive
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    Future placement
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